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PARVEEN Model ERD Retrievable Hydraulic Seal Bore Packer is a Retrievable Packer.Hydraulically set by pressure in the tubing. It is run with Hydraulic Setting Tool & retrieving is done independently from the Tubing, using a Retrieving Tool manipulated on a work string. This packer is ideally suited for highly deviated wells both onshore & offshore.This model is used in oil production wells or in water or gas injection wells.
Its Features, Advantages and Benefit includes- Run & set with the Production Tubing, the Hydraulic setting that eliminates the requirements for spacing out & opening & closing with the help of Sliding Sleeves for the displacement of fluids.Effects on tubing (compression & tension) are transmitted to slips- there is no shear ring with limits these stresses and Retrieval independent of the tubing using a Retrieving Tool. It can be lifted to the bottom of the well with a By-Pass Blanking Plug in a Nipple to isolate the formation.