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PARVEEN’S Model ‘D’ & ‘F’ Production Packers are available to fit your needs and provide the versatility of our excellent pack-off system for a positive secure set in the well bore.These are designed to accommodate seal bore extensions used in deep wells requiring a longer seal bore interval. Seal Nipples are available with either automatic square-thread latch or locating shoulder. These packers can be used as test tools. Full opening bores allow the passage of perforating guns used to perforate a zone below for testing. If the zone proves to be non-productive, the packer can be used as a squeeze tool.
PARVEEN’S Model ‘D’ Production Packers provide excellent clearance for run-in while the PARVEEN’S Model ‘F ’Production Packers offer a larger seal bore. The two models carry different pressure ratings noted later in this document.
Its Features include-One piece slips hardened to depth of wicker only,Sets in any grade casing including P-10,Choice of bottom to fit your application – specified when ordering and Re-attaching lock ring holds setting force.