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The PARVEEN TST-1 Retrievable Packer is a heavy duty service packer ideally suited for all types of squeeze cementing, formation fracturing, high pressure acidizing, etc. It is a large opening compression set packer with hydraulic button-type hold down. It withstands high pressure from above or below and uses a three-element packing system, L-slot, and a drag block mechanism for easy setting. The tool features a proven three element packing system and hydraulically controlled balance sleeve designed to keep the by-pass valve closed when set.
Its Features Include- Sets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades,Three piece packing element systems with metal backups accommodate low and high pressure applications for the broadest range of services. Hydraulic hold down button unit with large internal flow path located below the bypass valve to reduce element swabbing and button wicker dulling. These hold down piston type slips are set by pressure from below.Surface controlled combination bypass and equalizing valve. Automatic L-slot Unit, setting the packer is accomplished by running to depth rotating 3/4 turns to the right and setting down.Straight pickup of the tubing will first open the bypass valve and equalize pressure continued pickup will release the packer and automatically engage the packer in the running position for further operations up or down the hole.All Thread connection comes standard in API IF/EUE thread form. All Pressure bearing o-rings for higher pressure resistance. Load and pressure resistance designed to meet high load applications.P110 body, coupling and sub for heavier duty jobs