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Tubing hangers are installed in the top bowl of a tubing head. Tubing hangers both suspend tubing and provide a primary annulus seal between the tubing and production casing. Hangers are run through the blowout preventers and are landed in the top bowl of the tubing head. Tubing hangers also act as a means to access and manipulate additional smaller tubing lines that are utilized downhole and extended to the surface on the outside of the tubing string or strings.

PARVEEN Surface Wellhead type TC-Series tubing hangers are available for any type of single- or multiple-string tubing completion, including those requiring packers, subsurface safety valves, gas lift valves, and electric submersible pumps. All PARVEEN Surface Wellhead hangers can be run through the blowout preventers, allowing the well to be secured before the preventers are removed. Most type TC-Series tubing hangers accept a back-pressure valve, which seals the tubing bore. Some hangers are ported for hydraulic control lines, downhole safety valves, or other equipment as required by the customer.