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Vector Pump

Hydraulic Power Pack

The world’s most advanced hydraulic power pack, the Vector Pump stands alone as the fastest fully automatic Hydraulic Power System thanks to its 4-stage high-speed flow motor. Gauge-free operation allows the operator to simply select the HYTORC tool they are using and the desired torque on the remote. As the first pump to offer LCD pendant control and automated regulation, HYTORC Vector pumps are fully upgradeable and more intuitive than ever. Push the button and let the pump to do all the work.

Power 115v (20 Amp) / 230v (10 Amp) / 400v (6 Amp)
Data Recording YES
Gauge (Not necessary but can be attached to a process connection on the side of the valve block.)
Reservoir Capacity 2 gals. / 7.5 l
Stages 4
Weight 79 lbs. / 35.8 kg
Oil Cooler Yes
15′ Remote Control Yes
15′ Twin Line Steel Braided Hydraulic Hose Yes